Kink by Kent Ido

Released: 22.06.29 / Label: Self-released

Kink appears to be the latest single from Kent Ido‘s recently released album “I’m here, where are you” and the album cover (featured above) is entrancing. I don’t think it’s supposed to be Sci-Fi, but those are the vibes I’m getting. Let’s find out a bit more about the artist before listening to the song.

Kent Ido is a Kyoto based musician who, according to his website, does it all. He mixes, he masters, he edits, he plays guitar, he composes, and he sings. He’s also the lead of Kyoto band “super noah” who I’ve not heard, but am now interested in hearing. This is his second solo album following his first full release “Song of the swamp.” The man knows how to title his stuff. Now let’s hear what he has to offer.

Wow. That was an incredibly well written and polished track. It had me grooving from the top and just kept getting better. The man knows composition and style. I really love all of his choices here; the instrumentation of each section, the effects on the voice, the simple musical ideas fully explored in each instrument. It’s really well done all around. I was equally impressed with his mixing and mastering. I would assume given the info on his website that he mixed this one himself, but I’d need to do some research to find out. Whoever did it, they did a fantastic job.

It’s finds like this that make the whole blog worthwhile, and I’ll definitely be doing a review of the full album later this month. If this song is any indication I’m sure that the rest of the album is great. I’ll also be reviewing some of his band’s music in the future as well.

Verdict: Must Listen (4.5/5)

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