Fukaikan by OSTRIP

Released: 22.08.17 / Label: Self-released

I’ve reviewed a track by OSTRIP before and I liked them so much I though I’d check out their newest single. I’m sad to say that I’m a bit underwhelmed this time around. Fukaikan starts out playfully enough with a cute synth plonking down a lilting melody line that continues throughout the song. Good start. The groove seems mysterious and fun, at first. But as soon as the vocals enter things go sideways. Although the melody is solid, the singing in the verse feels too laid back and takes all the energy out of the song. A change of singer as we enter the chorus doesn’t help, it just don’t pop. The rhythm section might be to blame here, literally nothing changes throughout the whole song and as the track hits its second verse it’s already starting to feel old. In general it feels they should have spent a few more weeks working on arrangement. So, while not a bad melody, the whole track feels very much in need of polish. Especially when compared with their last single.

Verdict: Take it or leave it. (2.2/5)

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Kuchibue by OSTRIP

Released: 22.06.22 / Label: Self-released

I love me a city skyline, but the song name ‘Kuchibue’ means lips in English so I’m a bit lost here. Love that logo in the bottom right though.

Ostrip is short for “Ostrich Trip” and boy does this band love that bird. They talk about it at length in their band bio, but the gist of it is that their music will give you the energy to push on in life like an ostrich runs. Something probably got lost in translation there but you get it. The band is brand new, this is only their second release following their first single ‘bitter’ and from what I’ve found it looks like it’s just a three-piece band. So let’s hear how these bird-lovers sound.

Funk! They’re a funk-rap group! That’s actually a surprise given the what I found during my research. Not only that but they’re good! I love the dual singers. The girl’s rap is super cute but really funky, and her singing voice and the guy’s voice are a perfect match. The guitar has some great rhythm, and while the rhythm section is super simple it totally works with the song. I could have done without the guy’s rapping, but it wasn’t awful but his singing voice is much better. The solos could also use a bit of polish and creativity, but it’s only their second single so they get a pass. This time…

Speaking of which, for being a second release the recording and mix sound fantastic. I don’t know if they put a lot of money into this or just know what they’re doing, but it works. Definitely an indie group, but high quality for the amount of experience they have. I’ll definitely be coming back to review their next release, and I might just give that first single a listen, too.

Verdict: Worth you time (3.2/5)

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