Macguffin – Re Make by SHIROIRO

Released: 22.07.03 / Label: Self-released

Ok, I need a bit of a breather after yesterday’s review. Something that’s going to relax and refresh my ears for the coming weekend. This cover seems about as calming as you can get, so let’s see what’s up.

SHIROIRO seems to be a newer two-piece unit, a composer who goes by the name “I love full moons.” and a singer named Shion. They’ve released quite an album, an EP, some singles, and a few music videos if you want to check that out. Today’s track is actually a release of a song from their EP “Dessert” which I’ve not yet heard, so I’m going in blind. A good song may lead to a full album review though, so let’s see what they’ve made!

What a pure and adorable little J-Pop song they’ve made here. Right off the bat I loved the singing, she has a great voice. She’s got the soft tone common with a lot of the current singer-songwriters, but when she switches to a fuller voice there’s a strength that really helps sell the arrangement. Speaking of arrangement, what great instrumental writing as well. The samples and midi are low quality, probably due to budget constraints, but the parts are so well written that it doesn’t really matter. The song’s composition is simple, but the guitar playing early in the song makes all the difference and keeps it from feeling cliché. Then in the second verse, as other instruments are added, the complexity of the track hits a sweet spot. Just enough motion to be interesting, but not too much to take away from the vocals. While the mix isn’t incredible, it’s not hurting the song at all. It’s nice to know that we’ll be able to watch the group grow as they release more music. And I certainly hope they do! I might have to go back for a deep dive on their other tracks.

Verdict: Worth your time (3/5)

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