girl by suya suya junction

Released: 22.06.22 / Release: Self-released

girl is the lead single from suya suya junction‘s new EP “hometown” and has there ever been a more spot on album jacket? This is a new band for me so let’s find out who they are.

suya suya junction is a four-piece indie band that started in Tokyo just two years ago in 2020. They’ve released three singles before this one, and now they’ve got a full EP out. The band seems young, but looks can be deceiving. They say on their website they’re into shoegaze, indie rock, and post rock styles. So I’m hoping for a refreshing hit here. Let’s see what they’ve created.

What a charming song. The band has that young J-Indie sound that’s a bit rough around the edges, but also a clear confidence in the music. The form is decidedly pop, but the guitars have a rough sound that grounds the somewhat shaky groove in the post-rock genre. The vocals are the stand-out here, really natural singing with a great tone and the harmony work is outstanding. I’m very excited to see what other songs are on this EP, and it’s on the list to review for sure.

The lyrics are calm and loving, although the narrative isn’t clearly defined. Each instrument is played well, perhaps a bit shakily, but in a charming way. The mix is also very indie, lots of space and untreated sounds. A lot of focus was given to the vocals here and for good reason. Everyone gives a great performance that conveys a lot of soul. I hope the rest of the EP sounds like this, it would make for great driving music.

Verdict: Worth your time (3.4/5)

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