Signal by Yukarisa

Released: 22.07.28 / Label: fuwari studio

Quite a simple design for this track’s cover. I expect some pop when I see an all-text cover like this.

Yukarisa is a three piece band that formed in 2019. The members all both sing and play instruments, so they get a pretty full sound for just three people. They use a unique group of instruments to boot: organ, synth bass, piano, guitar, and harp. So, something a bit unique to start the week off!

Signal definitely has a fresh clean pop sound. These are some really great all-around players and the vocals and harmonies were really well done. The form was fairly straight forward pop, but there are a couple twists thrown in that make it stand out. The instrumentation, while subtle, also helps keep it sounding new and interesting. The lyrics are refreshingly clear, telling a simple yet endearing love song. Nothing that I really connect with now, but it’s the kind of song that will stay with you if it catches you at the right time. It’s also the perfect length for the message. They said what they wanted, they said it well, the end. Well written and mature for its adorable sound.

Verdict: Worth your time. (3.6/5)

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