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22.05.18 / WANG GUNG BAND

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I’m not a huge fan of this kind of song, but you gotta respect good music and good musicianship. So while this song is definitely not on my personal playlists, it’s definitely on my recommendation list as a must listen for fans of the genre.


The track is very well composed. Great band parts, great horn parts, the doubled vocals could have probably been better but they work. Really good linear lines throughout the piece. Those parts do add up as the song progresses though, and it gets a bit crowded by the end. Stricter editing may have helped, but we end up with a tune that loses power due to its own weight.


Wonderful performances all around. It’s a big group and everyone brings a great performance to the recording. Lots of skilled playing to hear, and the speak-singing vocals were exceptionally well done. But, the whole song lacks that strong emotionality love songs need. If I had to guess, lack of recording experience is to blame here. And as the band was formed in 2020 I think I just might be right. If that is the case, I’m definitely looking forward to future recordings where they can relax and really get into the music.


The song’s lyrics are super cute, telling a love story through memories with the music taking over during the more romantic moments. It’s a very well written song. Between the lyric blocks, however, we get some weird ‘yeah yeah yeah’s that just seem unnecessary. With this many instrumentalists the vocals don’t need to stay center stage all the time.


For a new band the recording was really well done. There’s a few sections where the room suddenly sounds gigantic, and from experience I’d say that they need to learn how to phrase dynamics for the mics. But in general it’s a great sound. The mix, though. The mix just doesn’t do the composition justice. All of the parts come off a bit flat, and while things are panned to create space the overall balance makes the whole track super messy. The climax of the song ends up muffled due to too many moving parts, and it actually has less impact than the quietest part of the song in the beginning of the second verse. I would love to hear a remixed version of the song.


The cover matches the message and feeling of the track in color, but the art is a bit hard to parse. Is it a bleeding brown heart? Oh, wait no, that’s a chocolate leaf. Not awful, but is this really the best visual for the song?

  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Song Meaning
  • Production
  • Presentation


A solid pop love song. Not my cup of tea, but the playing was superb, and the writing was nice.

Reviewed: 22.05.25 / Reviewer: EB

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