everyone likes by illiomote

Released: 23.03.15 | Label: SPILD

illiomote is a band we’ve looked at once before in 2022. That track, A.O.U, left me wanting but interested in the group so here we are checking out a song from their latest album HMN</3. Let’s see what they’ve made for us today!

Well, it’s a little bit more dynamically interesting than before. I really like the break down idea they went with, but overall the rest of the track was lackluster. I’m not a fan of the weird grooves they’ve mashed together here, and I think it might be the same copy/paste issue I saw last time. There are definitely some mix problems, but beyond that there’s just not enough work on the arrangements in the different sections. I had thought they were being minimalist before, but now I’m starting to think they just aren’t putting in the time. Disappointing. And probably the last time you’ll see them on this list for a while.

Verdict: Skip (1.4/5)

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