Foolish Summer by Deep Sea Diving Club

Released: 22.07.01 / Label: Beacon LABEL

Foolish Summer seems like a kind of self-introduction for band Deep Sea Diving Club, as you might have guessed by the album cover choice. While I’ve not heard of this group before, we reviewed a track last month by an artist on the same label: BBHF’s Shinigame. That track was awesome, so I have high hopes for this song as well! But let’s learn a little about the band before we dive in.

This “genre-less” four piece band hails from Fukuoka prefecture and they’ve been active on the scene since 2019. They’ve been busy as well with an EP, a full album, and several singles released so far. It seems they go by “DSDC” for short, so I’ll be using that from now on. I found this wonderful write-up on the band by realsound. You can translate that to read, or just click over to enjoy pics of the band and some music video links! Now, let’s listen to the song.

That was a really skilled performance mixing Latin stylings into a rather straight forward J-Pop song. It’s clear that these guys are some great musicians who really know their stuff. The bass player especially is absolutely killing it. He’s got chops. The individual parts are all really fun and, while segues are a bit abrupt at times, the composition has clearly been given a lot of care. I love this Latin groove mixed in with the J-Pop progression they’ve found. It’s unique and interesting. Sadly the instrumentals feel way overproduced, and not a lot of emotion has survived the mixing process. Every part has a weird flatness to it, and while it’s a clean mix, it’s very hard to really connect with the music. Interestingly if this were a straight pop song it might work, but the Latin elements lose their depth when they’re cleaned up this much.

This would be much better to see performed live, and the music video is already way more fun than just listening to the audio. There’s definitely something to be said about the importance of visual elements when dealing with J-Pop. So be sure to check that out if you like the track.

Verdict: Worth your time (3/5)

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