Released: 22.05.25 / Label: CLWP Records

I’ve never heard this group before but just by looking at the cover I’m excited to hear what they’ve got.

This mouthful of a unit, CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE (that last word is pronounced Whoopie Pie) is the solo project of leading orange-haired lady, and cover model, Chi. She’s backed by two “Whoopies” #1 and #2, who seem to be anonymous contributors. The three handle all the creative and production aspects of the music and videos, making this a truly unique indie project to be sure. Then seem almost like a Japanese version of Superorganism, but on a smaller scale. This is the title track and lead single for their second EP, and it is delightful.

The music is as crazy as you’d imagine from the cutout-style artwork featured on the cover, tons of different samples and percussive vocals create an elaborate musical tapestry for what is essentially a simple J-Pop tune. The vocal work is upbeat and infectious, and while it has a lot of repeated sections, it manages to stay interesting through some creative and masterful arranging thanks to one (or maybe both?) of the Whoopies. It also sounds great, the recording, mixing, and mastering are really well done. Given the chaotic nature of the song that’s quite an accomplishment. Good work Whoopies.

The visual side of things is also really well developed. Looking back at their previous releases, and skimming through the long list of videos on their YouTube page, it’s clear that the group has crafted a strong aesthetic that perfectly matches the music. It’s so well put together that the crazy world they create ends up feeling completely natural.

The only area that suffers at all is the lyrics. While they’re catchy, they don’t really seem to have any real meaning. They do mention the Mad Doctor coming, so there may be some element of album-wide storytelling I’m missing here. I don’t think this is a concept EP, so I’m betting they just went with something crazy and catchy. Not a bad choice, but compared to the music and visual language they’re using it just feels less developed.

Verdict: Worth your time (3.8/5)

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