Megaphone by BBHF

Released: 23.03.15 | Label: Ouchi Daisuki Club Records / Suzume Studios

What year is it?!? This song sounds like a mid to late 2000s summer anthem release about 15 years too late. Super catchy and ambitiously fun, with the weirdest music video I’ve seen in a while. Who is that man and why are we watching him dance around a nameless city? You’ll never know.

BBHF is a band I’ve reviewed before, and I really loved that track. I like this one ok as well, it’s just waaay noisier. I feel like they were going for something a bit cleaner and just added way too many plugins to the mix. It’s absolutely dance-able and super fun in an OK GO kind of way, but I don’t recommend listening to it on repeat with headphones. It’s a lot.

The band sounds great as always, the lyrics are playful, the riffs are dated but fun. Definitely worth your time.

Verdict: Worth your time (3/5)

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