No.8 by Ribet towns

Released: 22.06.22 / Label: Self-released

Am I about to listen to a perfume commercial? I don’t know what to make of this cover or this song title. I love the use of color though. Ribet towns is a new name for me, so let’s learn a little about the band before we listen.

Ribet towns is a 12 member pop band hailing from Kyoto, and from they’ve written in one of the bios I read that they also have a bit of Celtic flair. This is my first time listening to their music, so I don’t know what to expect but just looking at all the instruments they’ve got in their group I’m excited to find out. The band has been around since 2016, so with six years under their belt I’m expecting some quality arranging. Let’s give the track a listen.

Well that was straight J-Pop with a bunch of toys added on top. The song itself has nothing really unique or innovative happening, it’s certainly not a bad song by any means, just average. The extra members outside the basic four-piece band just kind of stack on top of the song. Unfortunately they’re actually kind of distracting most of the time. I don’t think they’ve worked out how to compose shared melody lines within the group, and there are parts with three or four separate independent melody lines playing at once. It reminds me a little of Gamelan music. The only part where it felt like they got it right was at the ending of the song, literally the last 2 seconds. So, kind of a let down.
The mix is pretty messy, but I think that’s probably due to all the extra instruments playing in the same range as the vocals. Actually given that fact, it was probably a challenge working on this song. So, good work Mr. mix engineer.

Verdict: Skip (1.7/5)

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