Parachute by Yuransen


22.04.29 / O.O.C Records

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Released as a lead single for their new album MY REVOLUTION, Parachute is a solid song that knows how to create a chill vibe, although it may stretch on a bit too long for its own good.


The song starts off strong with a pleasant groove and mellow tones. The vocals bring in a little flavor and motion giving the song life. While the song focuses on layers dropping in and out as a means of development nothing really stands out as important, which makes everything feel about a minute too long as it feels more and more repetitive. A stronger solo may have saved it, or maybe just losing the piano octaves that won’t get out of the spotlight. More likely though, the song would have been better at a sweet 3:30.


The instrumentals all did a great job of setting the tone, relaxed phrasing and subdued melodies all hit that ‘chill’ sweet spot. But it seems like no one told the vocalist that pitch was important for the feel. The wavering tones in the melody just don’t vibe well with the clear sound the rest of the band is working on. Which isn’t to say that his tone is bad, I think it fits with the style, but when it also flutters around the notes he’s aiming for the song loses the energy and motion that are at the core of the groove. Not bad but not as compelling as it could have been.


The message is very muddled throughout, but the imagery is nice and conveys a mood. The writing in the second verse and pre-chorus in particular is really good. This style of prose certainly fits the music, but at its core the song lacks any real message. I feel like if the vocals are going to stand out as much as they do, they should probably be saying something. So it may be better to tune out the words (or just not look them up) and enjoy the journey for what it is.


The recording is well done and everything sounds great. The mix is working for the instruments, but sadly when the vocals enter the guitar seems to fade into the background a bit too much. Better balance might have taken this song to another level, but what we do get is good. I feel like they may have run into time constraints trying to get the lead single out ahead of the release, which is something we just talked about in the FOG review. I’ll have to check out the full album to see if the quality differs.


The cover is a bit out there, just some fuzzy dudes walking away (or maybe towards?) the camera. It fits the tone of the song in a in a roundabout way but it’s not a thumbnail I would ever click out of interest. And certainly not with that font. Ew. It also doesn’t seem to have any similarities to the cover of the album this single was promoting, which seems like a lost opportunity.

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Parachute isn’t a song I’d listen to on repeat, but I can see it working on a playlist for driving or working.

Reviewed: 22.05.25 / Reviewer: EB

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