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22.05.25 / Teenager Kick Ass

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This single’s name is also the name of not one, but two separate collaboration albums, a record shop, and a really popular event name so it was bit difficult to research. I think ended up finding the right info in the end, but apologies if I’ve made some mistakes.

The Artist

Teenager Kick Ass officially started in 2016 as a full band, but after member changes and people leaving the group, it became a solo project for artist Oosuka somewhere around 2020. This recording includes some support musicians who have only been with the band for a year or so, but they sound completely natural as a group. However this may be one of the last songs we see under this name as it was announced on twitter that the project is ending this October. I’m sad that I’ve only just found out about them, because I like the music a lot.

The Song

This song hits all the right notes to be a hit in the early 2000s emo scene. It’s long, overdramatic, has a singer with a strained tenor voice being angsty, the drums are aggressive, the guitars are killing it with the wall-of-sound, there’s a ridiculously high bass solo. Everything you’d want from this kind of song. I love it.
Now, as performance and composition go, they nailed it, but there isn’t any new ground being broken here. All these ideas have been done to death by many other groups.

The mix is very nostalgic as well, but this is one spot where I wish they would have updated the sound a bit. The compression wars were a rough time for recorded music, when the appearance of volume was more important than a good sound. For better or worse, we get that here as well.
The album cover is also a bit weird. It’s really just some random flowers with a filter. Doesn’t really do anything for me.

The Verdict
  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Song Meaning
  • Production
  • Presentation


This song is a jam that takes me back to my high school days in all the best ways. But there’s nothing here I haven’t heard before.

Reviewed: 22.06.16 / Reviewer: EB

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