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I don’t know how to say the band’s name, but if I could I’d be recommending them to my friends.


I love the melody of this song. The phrases are well constructed and perfect for the singer’s voice. The arrangement was also really interesting throughout, staying varied enough to warrant repeat listens, but with nothing that distracted from the melody. I would like to see what the song would be like with a less chord-heavy chorus, but it is a pop song.


Really great emotive playing through the whole song. Some great instrumentals but particularly the vocalist. This song is very well sung. This is a talented group of musicians.


The lyrics here are typical for pop in Japan. No story, just poetry just expressing a mood, and beautifully at that. But I do wish there was a clearer message to the song. For the amount of care that went into crafting the music, it seems like a missed opportunity to really say something. What he does say is pretty, though.


Recordings were all good. All the parts were clean and the soundscape was well developed. Not a fan of the snare drum in this one, and now that I’ve said that you’ll probably hear it too. Sorry. The mix balance overall seemed a bit experimental for the pop genre. It does work sometimes, but there are spots where it seemed more distracting than unique.


Now this is a cover that fits the song. Nothing solid to grasp, just an innocent yet beautiful landscape that leaves you wondering what’s just out of sight. Great choice. The music video that accompanied the song, however, really chaotic for some reason. Not sure if the director actually heard the song or just wanted to do his own thing, but, not a great match.

  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Song Meaning
  • Production
  • Presentation


A really nice song that’s worth a few listens. This seems like a go to song for a warm relaxing summer day.

Reviewed: 22.05.26 / Reviewer: EB

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